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Hong Chang-Hee, I am so sad to tell you that Huh Moksanim passed away, or as the Koreans say torah-kashimnida - went back (home) Monday night, June 26 at 9 p.m. You remember you were here one week earlier, on June 12 and presented him with the gifts and honors from the May Mothers.

Tuesday the 13th we packed and that afternoon left for Wrightsville Beach, a three hour drive. There we had three nights and two perfect days of vacation. He walked the beach half an hour on Tues. and a full hour on Weds.; ate lots of delicious sea food, took pictures and was relaxed and happy. Friday morning, June 16, as we were leaving the hotel, he began to have great pain, enough to cause him to be very nauseated, in his stomach - we thought it was his gall stones.

He took the pill that has stopped gall stone pain before, but it did not stop. We had a terrible trip back to Cary, but he would not let me stop at a hospital or walk-in clinic. He said he just wanted to get home and to his own bed. The pain continued, and I had to call an ambulance at 5 a.m. Saturday.

Once in the hospital ER the doctor quickly examined him and said he needed surgery immediately. They operated right then. He tolerated the surgery very well, and that Sunday and Monday, we all thought he'd be in the hospital a few days and then go home, a little weaker, to recover. But the labs from the surgery showed many, many problems - kidney failure, liver failure, gall bladder problems, and the pancreas was necrotic. Everything got worse and worse and he could have no food or drink because nothing in his digestive system was working. He was very very sick and often in pain, and he slept more and more. But when he was awake he was so sweet, giving each child (all four came and three grandchildren), talking about heaven, about Korea, about our happy times, best trips, best beaches, best memories. He was kind and good to everyone and remembered everyone with love, including you.

His memorial service here will be Sunday afternoon, July 2, at 3 p.m. That will be one week before he would be 81. We hope to bring his ashes to bury in the missionary cemetery in Kwangju, probably in October. We are so grateful you agreed so graciously to make the plans for that. Perhaps Jenny and Mary, our oldest and youngest daughters will bring them. I don't think I can make the trip now.

We will keep you informed about the plans for them to come. A friend, John Kim, who is the brother-in-law of our friend Kim An-Ok in Kwangju has offered to escort Jenny and Mary and be their interpreter. That would be a huge blessing, as he is bilingual. God is working in all of this to bring it about.

How grateful we are that you and your son were here Monday June 12, the day before we left for the beach and the last three days of our "sweet, normal" life. Now he has a new life on heaven and we here are missing him on earth but we know we will be together again. Love never ends.

God bless you, Hong Chang-Hee. Moksanim was very proud of you and still is!


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